TV Repair in Jacksonville FL

TV Repair Jacksonville FL TV Repair in Jacksonville FL

We service the following areas: Southside, Mandarin, Julington Creek, Orange Park, Middleburg, Westside, Northside, Mayport, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Green Cove Springs and parts of St Augustine and St Augustine Beach.

Our telephone number is: 904-880-3393

Our address is: A Plus TV-VCR Repair, Inc., 8727 Phillips Hwy Suite 408, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Our email address is:

• We are a mobile tv repair company that operates in your area.
• We are very affordable and guarantee lowest prices in the area.
• We are a fast, convenient and reliable TV repair and service.
• We take pride in our work and guarantee professional approach.
• We work on all brands and models.

***We sell TV lamps for most brands and models. Sometimes we have used TVs for sale***

We service all brands and models: LCD, LED, Plasma, DLP, Projection and picture tube TVs. Over 25 years of experience, most repairs done onsite – service at home. Call us at 904-880-3393 to schedule your appointment. Anxious about how to get your out-of-guarantee TV in Jacksonville FL repaired? Or not able to come across a trustworthy service provider in the area to get your TV repaired? Finding an accomplished expert able of undertaking your Television Repair with a proficient approach can be a complex job.

Disconnecting Your TV Can Be Complicated

Your TV is probably connected to other devices (surround sound, DVD, satellite, etc.) so disconnecting it can be a time consuming job. By choosing In Home Service you will eliminate that problem. After we complete your repair, we will make sure that everything is connected back and all components work properly with your TV.

Transporting Your TV Can Be Scary

Many TVs get damaged on the way to and from the shop. TVs may be thinner now but they are still heavy and they are easily damaged. Imagine after paying for service on your TV, just before you get your TV in the house, your dog trips you and down it goes. You’ll wish you had paid for an in-home service call.

You Wait and You Wait and You Wait

“Is my TV Ready?” When you take your TV to a TV repair shop you usually have to wait several days or even weeks to get it back. We repair 75+% of TVS on the very first call, so there’s virtually NO WAIT TIME when you choose us.

In-Home Adjustments May Be Needed Even After Repair

Some TVs require adjustments after being moved. For example, rear projection TVs need convergence adjustments after being moved. Sometimes basic adjustments in your customer menu will not be enough and you will still need a technician to come to your home.

Let us propose to undertake a TV repair service to help. Get your TV fixed by professional and results-oriented A Plus TV and VCR Repair Inc – the most trusted and well respected TV repair service in the Jacksonville and North Florida area. TV Repair is our area of skill and we have years of proven results on all kinds of Television for small and large corporate businesses and residential users in the Jacksonville, Florida area. We are experts in repairing all models of TVs and VCRs. As a Television Repair provider in Jacksonville FL, we can repair, maintain and upgrade your entertainment system. We are very professional and friendly and can efficiently troubleshoot all of the customer’s TV problems.

tv repair Jacksonville FL expert TV Repair in Jacksonville FL

Our TV Repair services incorporate troubleshooting hardware and software problems, power provide repair, LCD display panel repair and configuration, upgrade existing systems with great-quality components and examining essential components of your TV for wear and tear. A Plus TV-VCR Repair, Inc. provides both onsite and offsite Television repair help in all areas of Jacksonville, Florida. So, the next time you aspect any problems with your TV or VCR, just dial 904-880-3393. We will respond to your call quickly and supply you with our professional service!